Barbara W from Oracle.

Talks about how happy she is since she found a Functional Medicine Doctor.



Rosalie B Tucson, AZ

talks about her fibromyalgia

Linda K Tucson AZ

Talks about her Restless Leg Syndrome (We have changed the name of our clinic)

Kim S Tucson AZ

Talks about her neuropathy


“After years of trouble with my digestive system and going to numerous doctors that said nothing was wrong. I finally got diagnosed with Chrons disease. I came to see Dr T. He told me right off the bat that what he would do would be almost the exact opposite from what the traditional doctors would recommend. He said that they wanted to reduce the symptoms of Chrons and that he wanted to heal the gut. I must admit I argued with him that the “real” doctors did not suggest anything like what D rT was. He just kept asking me do you want to reduce your symptoms or do you want to fix the problem. I must admit I did not accept what he told me at first. But I was getting sick and tired of the flare-ups in my gut 4-6 times a year. So I decided to give Dr T’s suggestions a try. I am happy to say that in the last 5 years I have only had 1 flare up and most of the things that the traditional doctors told me to never eat are all back in my meal plan.  Thank you Dr T”                             – Mark K     Bend, Or

“My PCP had basically given up on me. He had tried everything that he had been trained to do to help with my Fibromyalgia. I was tired all the time and the pain was “out-of-control”. When I can to see Dr T he said we have to change your diet so we can get your body to produce more energy. He stated that if we improve your energy your entire outlook on life will change. I asked about the pain and he said if we start with pain you will have less pain but still no energy to go and live life. He made some changes to my diet. Not really bad changes so It became a part of my life with ease. My energy level went to at least 50% better in less than 2 weeks. Since then we are working on my pain and it is also better. Thanks Dr T!”                                   – Mary W Tucson AZ

“Before I came and was seen by Dr T my feet were completely numb. I used to be able to walk anywhere I wanted. Since getting neuropathy I have not been able to walk any real distance at all. I was worried about having to go and live with my son since I was loosing the ability to do things around the house. I would say I am 95% better. I no longer have to use my can and can walk again. Thanks Dr T                                                                                                                                              – Evelyn E Tucson AZ

I just go back from a trip to see family in New York. That would have been impossible before seeing Dr T. Before I saw him I had trouble walking and was up all night long due to the pain. I would say I am at least 80% better. The thing that I really like about Dr T is that he is very honest about what he can do and what he can not do. Anyone that has Neuropathy should go and see him. If he can help you he will tell you if he can not he will tell you that also .                             – Ed G Tucson AZ

“I had horrible pain in my feet. They had shooting pain and were throbbing all the time. I was not able to ever wear shoes. I use to enjoy walking and hiking but it had become so painful that I had stopped those activities. I was very reluctant to do any activities that involved walking. I just got two baby boxers and am now able to take them for a walk, or maybe they take me for a walk, but  anyway i am out there with them. That would have been unthinkable before getting the treatments from Dr T. I would recommend him to anyone suffering with pain. He really can help you get your life back. ”                       – Tracy F Tucson AZ

“I came to see Dr T to try to get some relief from the neuropathy that I have suffered from for the last 4 years. I had hot, prickly, stabbing needle like pain in the soles of my feet. Since I also had numbness in my toes I was unable to move the toes very well. After my first visit with Dr t I was able to move my toes and actually see between my toes. I suggest that anyone that has neuropathy go and see Dr T his is a “gift to us that suffer from neuropathy”          – Gerri O Tucson AZ

“I was recommended to go see Dr T by a friend who saw him interviewed on the TV. I had walking issues, balance problems, tingling, fear of falling. limited movements. After just 10 treatments I am at least 50% better. I am very happy with my progress and can actually see myself returning to a normal life. Thank you Dr T for all your help”                               -Georgia R       Tucson AZ

“I have had neuropathy for over 20 years. It took away most of my daily activities. My first treatment was nothing short of a miracle. He hooked me up to his “boots” and aimed the cold laser at my feet and legs. Within the first few minutes i felt “something going on down there” it was amazing! I could actually feel the floor for the first time in about 20 years. I really suggest that you give Dr T a try. “HE HELPS PEOPLE WITH PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY!!”       – Rob B      Sierra Vista Az

“After just one treatment the pain in my left leg and foot is gone. The pain in the right leg ad foot is about 75% better. I have tried everything to get this pain in my legs and feet to go away but nothing has worked. I tell all my diabetic friend to go and see Dr T.  He also taught me the simple way to control blood sugar which also really helped me keep the pain in the lower extremities away.”   – Norma J      Catalina AZ

Before I came to see Dr T my feet were so uncomfortable that I had no desire to walk. It just kept getting worse and worse. After 6 treatments I have so much more feeling in my feet. For the first time in years I gelt the tile on the bathroom floor. when I got out of the shower. I could actually feel that the tiles were cool. I also notice that my balance is much better and I am much more confident when walking. I would highly recommend Dr T to anyone that has any kind of nerve issues in their body. He can actually get you results! No one else could give me any hope at all let alone results. Thank you Dr T   – Marshall R      Catalina AZ

” I drive 97 miles to see Dr T. He is the only one that has ever given me any results. The results make the drive worth while. Almost all my activities had stopped due to the electric shock and burning pain that I had in my feet and legs. I am able to return to most of my activities. I was ever working in the garden for the first time in longer than I can to remember. Dr T has given me my life back. I think every one that suffers from nerve issues should go and see D r T!”     – Jewel R      Sierra Vista AZ

” I went to many doctors al all kinds and none could do anything to fix the numbness in my feet and legs. One doctor offered surgery, another offered pills, and another exercise. When I found Dr T I really did not expect much in the way of results. He kept telling me “We treat the cause of the problem the nerves no one else does that.” After the first 10 visits I am at least 50% better. I used to have to get in the van on my hands and knees. I now just step right in. I used to have a lot of balance problems due to not being able to feel the curbs, now it is much better. I am a little frustrated though, now I have to sweep my floors more often since I can now feel the dirt under my feet! I have not been able to feel the floor for the last 20 years. Thanks Dr T”     – Evelyn S 90 years young        AZ City Rancho Vistoso

When I came to see Dr T I had diabetic neuropathy. I was hoping for some increase in movility and more stability. I have been to many doctors over the last few years and have been told that I would have to live with the limitations. When I walked up stairs I had to support my self with the railing. I had luts of balance issues. After 7 visits I am able to walk up the stairs without assistance, my legs feel lighter. It is much easier to turn over in bed. My yoga tescher noticed that I am able to do the routines without supporting myself. I would say that I am at least 35% better in 7 visits. I just wish I had found Dr T sooner, If you have any of the nerve issues that I did, I would highly recommend going and seeing Dr T he gets RESULTS where others do not! He also helped me with my diabetes and now my blood sugar for the first time in years is under control.”           – Shirley D       Tucson AZ

“My digestion was a mess. There were more foods that I could not eat than I could. I had gone to lots of different doctors and no one was able to help me. I heard about Functional Medicine from the Dr Oz show and he said that it was being offered to patients at Cleveland Clinic, so I figured it was not a fly-by-night deal. I made an appointment with Dr T and he ran all kinds of tests and stated to me that I did not make enough acid to digest my food. I wondered why no one else was able to find that out. He changed my diet some and put me on some natural products for about 3 months. I am happy to say that now I am able to eat almost anything and am enjoying dinner time again. I recommend Dr T to anyone that really wants results. Dr T always says Functional Medicine is the future of medicine. I now believe him”     – William F.  Portland, Or

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