New and Modern ways of dealing with Neuropathy and Restless Leg Syndrome

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Another Video about our clinic and what Neuropathy is and how it can affect the body

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Video about the EBPros and EB 305 (Energy balancing and detoxification machine)


FMLogics (Functional Medicine Intake Software Program)

Functional Medicine intake program that we use in our clinic. Created by Dr. Grisanti (founder of the Functional Medicine University) This program has made the intake process much more accurate and precise. This incredible program allows the patient to fill this out at their leisure in the comfort of their home. The doctor reviews all the data prior to the patient ever coming into the clinic. So when the patients enters the clinic for the first time the clinic is ready with all the information necessary to move forward on your health care needs.


link to sample reports from the program we use to get the most important of the patient visit. The intake (no one know your body as well as you do) This program was created by Dr Grisanti (founder and director of Functional Medicine University) This will take you to a pdf that show some sample pages from the FMLogics software program. The average report that is generated on each patient is somewhere between 35-45 pages long (you get a copy of this report for your records)

Click here to see the PDF file of the patient report that is generated from the software program..

If you are interested in one of the best patient intake tools click here.


Blood Chemistry Software (A Functional Medicine approach to looking at your blood values)

Video about Blood Chemistry software program. (see how we look at blood work and why it is so different from the traditional way)

This is the designer and creator of the Blood Chemistry Software program (Dr. Dicken Weatherby) that is used in our clinic to understand, from a Functional Medicine perspective, and to help the patient understand what is their blood work telling them.

The inventor of the Blood Chemistry Software program talking about why “Normal” may not be  “Normal”

if you are interested in the best blood chemistry analysis software program from a Functional Medicine perspective go here.


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