What is Functional Medicine?

It is commonly accepted that Hippocrates is the Father of Medicine.


 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

“All Disease begins in the gut”

It is also commonly accepted that Dr William Osler is the Father of Modern Medicine. He is one of the four founding doctors of John Hopkins Medicine School. He was it’s first Physician-in-cheif 

“The GOOD doctor treats the disease the GREAT doctor treats the patient”

“If you give a patient a Rx they met recover twice

Once from the Rx


Once from the disease”

Dr Bland

Dr Jeffery Bland is considered the father of Functional Medicine

If you want to understand a basic philosophy of Functional Medicine read his book

“The Disease Delusion”

We have, for that last few decades, worked on what was above the water line. And we are heavier and more unhealthy then ever before, as a nation. Every year we have more chronic  diseases, and more deaths. We have accepted this method so well that we are now our diseases.

“I’m a diabetic”

“I have cancer”

“My spouse has dementia”

You are not your disease! You are an individual who may have a disease, but you are not your disease. 

So we don our deep sea diving suite and go under the surface to get to the actual causes of the, above water, diseases! 

We are in search of the cause of what ails you. It is not enough to just give a pill for high blood pressure. We must look deeper and ask the question what is causing the BP to be high. Deal with that and you may never need your BP pills.

We tired in a very light way to explain what we are doing in Functional Medicine.


Looking at: 

  • Diet
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Stress
  • Body infections and toxins
  • Dental Health
  • Anything that can be causing your health to be
  • compromised (things under the water line)
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