Functional Medicine believes that the most important part of the patient visit is the patient history. (Who knows more about your body that you?) How many times have you taken the time to fill out, in great detail, your intake and then the doctor pops in and says, “what is the problem today?” They did not even look at what you filled out.

Functional medicine believes that the patient, if you take the time to listen, will tell you what the problem is and what the diagnosis is.

Functional medicine has created a software program that you fill out on your computer at home when it is convenient. A 30-40 page report is generated and the Functional Medicine doctor goes over it prior to ever entering the clinic for the first time. You also get a copy of the report.

What about blood work. We have all had it done and if you get a copy of the report it is just a bunch of numbers with a H or L on it. It really does not tell you much unless you spend hours looking everything up. Did you know that your blood work is considering 95% of the people normal and 2 1/2% are high and 2 1/2% are low. The traditional way of looking at blood work is looking for disease.

The Functional Medicine approach is very different. It is looking for optimal health so it looks at 60% normal 20% high and 20% low. Because the goal of the Functional Medicine doctor to prevent disease before it happens. The report on your blood analysis also includes descriptions of what does it mean if it is high or low. The Functional Medicine doctor is trying to educate their patients with the knowledge to get health and stay healthy. The normal blood chemistry report is between 20-30 pages.

Go to our Video and more section on the top menu to see videos and pdfs explaining in more detail the Intake Program (FMLogics) and the Functional Medicine way of looking at Blood Chemistry (Blood Chemistry Software)

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