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60% of Americans have a Chronic Disease

People are wasting more & more time in Doctor’s waiting rooms

Tucson Functional Medicine offers customized health plans getting to the CAUSE of your health issues

So YOU spend less time in waiting rooms and more time enjoying the Quality of Life YOU deserve!

YOU deserve better health care!


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Functional Medicine is Health Care 2.0







Do I Need Functional Medicine?

Answer YES 2 or more times? You need Functional Medicine

- Seeing your Primary Care but still frustrated with your health
- Tired of waiting in the waiting room
- Want to get to the cause of your health issue
- Tired of just getting another Rx
- Want a doctor to listen to you
- You want the health that you deserve

- You are proactive with your health
- You want to get to the root cause
- You are at the end of your rope
- Your time is valuable, don't waste it
- You have seen the limitations of health care
- Tired of waiting months to get to see the doctor

We don't just care about Quality of Life & Health, We Care About YOUR Quality of Life and Health!

Hundreds of People just like you, Living Heαlthy Lives / Needing doctors LESS / Incharge of Their Own Health

Top Functional Medicine Programs

Total Health Programs

These are our Premium Programs. Taking you from the foundations of health to the pinnacle of optimum health. Giving you the tools to Maintain your health & to need the doctor less.

included in these programs
ZOOM Mentorship Programs

Telemed Mentorship Programs
Do your Functional Medicine program from the comfort of your own home.
2 programs
1- Individual mentorship
2 - Group mentorship (Max 20 people)

Included in this program
What Testing does Functional Medicine use?

This is the testing that allows Functional Medicine to get to the underlying cause of your health issues.

What testing is done?

Your Health Journey with Tucson Functional Medicine

Book FREE Health Planning Session with Dr T
Book FREE Health Planning Session with Dr T
    Pick the Individualized Program That Fits You
    Pick the Individualized Program That Fits You
      Follow the Step by Step Program
      Follow the Step by Step Program
        Experience the Best Health of Your LIfe
        Experience the Best Health of Your LIfe

          Choose Wisely

          Your choices TODAY will determine your health TOMORROW

          With 60% of Americans Having a Chronic Disease

          People are wasting more and more time in a Dr's waiting rooms / Tucson Functional Medicine offers health programs to get to the CAUSE of your health issue / So you spend less time in waiting rooms and more time enjoying the Quality of Life you deserve

          What people are saying about Tucson Functional Medicine?

          This has been HUGE for my health. Dr T walked with me every step of the way during my program. I never thought I could get my health to this level. I feel like I am in the best health of my entire life!

          — Betty S

          Total Health Program

          I was told by another doctor that I had leaky gut. They gave me a bunch of pills but my digestive issues remained. After finding Dr T and the "Trust Your Gut" program my digestive health is GREAT. I can now go out and have fun with friends and not worry about where the bathroom is. I used to pay for days from eating a spicy meal, not any more
          - Thanks Dr T

          — Brad T

          Trust Your Gut

          This is what I had been searching for. A program that ran specific tests on me to get to the source of my health issues. Dr T spent the time with me, going over my testing results, so I understood and knew what the results meant for my health. He built a Personalized program just for me and helped me stay on the program

          — Barbara S

          Total Health Program

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Unfortunately, today’s traditional medicine is symptom based and the doctor will design a plan to alleviate the symptoms. This usually means prescribing a pharmaceutical to treat the symptom, while that can be helpful, it does not necessarily get to the root of the problem. Functional Medicine is about getting to the cause. Symptoms go away because the health issue goes away.

          NO! I believe that Rx are a tool for the doctor to use just like a stethoscope. I am not against Rx in any way, I just believe that when we made the focus of our healthcare system the elimination of our symptoms instead of Health, we ran off the tracts. Your health is not just the reduction or the elimination of symptoms. It is even in the name of the system “HEALTH CARE SYSTEM”. But we as a nation are getting sicker and sicker with chronic disease every year. Something needs to change in our system! Functional Medicine is the answer that we have been looking for. Health Care 2.0

          One of the biggest complaints we hear from patients is that their doctor spends little time with them and does not explore the many other symptoms that may be contributing to the problem. Patients fill out a long personal questionnaire including their past health history, which is rarely looked at or even considered. Don’t be angry with your doctor. There just isn’t time with our current insurance based medical delivery system to spend more than just 5-10 minutes with you. Our clinic schedules at least 30 minutes for each visit. We will take the time necessary to get to the cause of your health issue.

          Unfortunately it has to do with money, insurance companies call the shots. At Tucson Functional Medicine, we do not utilize insurance. We will not allow an insurance company to decide what level of health your deserve.  That means you pay out of pocket. More and more people are moving away from insurance based medicine, because they are just not getting the results they need to be well. I read a study online that stated – the average person is now spending between 6000 – 7000 dollars out of pocket for health care a year. And these are people that have health insurance. So non insurance care is becoming more and more normal in America.

          We offer many ways to pay for this exceptional service: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Credit cards, HSA, packaged services, payment plans. We want to show you what excellent functional medicine care looks like and how you have not been getting the intensive care you need & deserve, starting with the correct diagnosis and treatment plan to manage your chronic conditions. Many people have multiple conditions that need to be managed concurrently and synergistically for optimum results

          At Tucson Functional Medicine Clinic we do not bill insurance. Insurance companies reimburse for what they deem to be “usual and customary“.  At our clinic you will receive care that is anything but “usual and customary.”  We pride ourselves on having a clinic that achieves outstanding results. We will provide you with a summary of all that was done on each visit with all the information necessary for you to submit the claim to your insurance company yourself. We cannot make any guarantees on reimbursement.

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