Summary of the Mentorship programs

Why would someone do the mentorship program over the

Total Health Program?

The total health program has unlimited visits with Dr T. It also has prepay discounts. The mentorship programs allow you to pay for the program over the course of your program. It is Telemed (using ZOOM) and has fewer visits with Dr T.

The only difference between the two mentorship programs are the Telemed ZOOM Visits are either:

1. Individual (just you and Dr T)

2. Group (20 patients or less and Dr T)

Both Mentorship programs cover:

1. If you have never used ZOOM Telemed before we have prepared a series on our Youtube channel walking you through the process. It is really easy

2. Lifestyle coaching

1. Diet

2. Exercise

3. Sleep

4. Stress control

3. Dealing with the three body systems

1. Neuroendocrine (Cortisol / Energy / Female Hormones / Adrenals

2. GI System (Small Intestines / Large Intestines / Leaky Gut

3. Detoxification System (Phase 1 & Phase 2 of Detoxification)

4. Review of all Lab Testing

1. Adrenal Cortisol Test

2. SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) test

3. CDSA (Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis) test

4. OAT (Organic Acid Test)

5. Supplementation recommendation and monitoring

6. Dealing with the 4 horsemen the physiological apocalypse.

1. Inflammation

2. Catabolic Physiology

3. Insulin Resistance

4. Oxidation

7. Education of health and tools to be able to keep tabs on your health for the rest of your life without the need of office visits

8. Easy to use home testing procedures that you can use for the rest of your life to give you a quick check on your health.

9. Healing with the detoxification system

10. Monthly Webinar Teaching

11. Facebook page

12. Youtube channel

13. Healing of the digestive system

1. Bacterial overgrowth

2. Leaky gut

3. Ova & Parasites


Detailed view of Functional Medicine Total Health Program

1. We offer ZOOM internet conferencing. Each visit is recorded and given to each patient. You can refer back to the Telemed visits whenever you want. We will also give you the MP3 file so you can upload them onto a MP3 player and listen to your Telemed Visit

2. Weekly handouts

3. Hundreds of handouts during the program on details about Functional Medicine and your program

4. A portal for HIPAA compliant communication directly with Dr T

1. All of your lab results uploaded to the portal for storage. Access at any time 24 hours a day for your convenience.

2. All of you Reviews of the lab testing uploaded to the portal for storage

3. A file in your portal that has information on all the supplements that Design for Health offers

4. The entire Functional Medicine manual uploaded in the portal so you have access to it anywhere anytime

5. An email series on your Functional Medicine program

6. Website

7. Once a month webinars

1. Uploading of the webinars to the Tucson Functional Medicine YouTube channel. You have access to them even if you can

not attend the webinar live. You can watch these at any time and even download them

8. MP3 files of the webinars so you can load them on an mp3 player and take them with you. With Dr T’s melodic voice in your ear during your day.

9. Facebook page. “Tucson Functional Medicine Clinic”

1. Lots of monthly email programs that you can opt in to if the topic interests you. Some examples are:

1. 30in30

2. Understanding diabetes

3. How to quiet smoking

4. How to get vegetables in to your diet

5. Many more

10. A monthly evaluation system of your program to make sure that you are getting what you expect. We do not want you to get to the end of the 6 months and not be happy with your outcome. We want to touch base every month. You need to give Dr T feedback each month so we can keep your program on track.

11. Patient lifecycle. A check list system of all the things to be covered in your program each month. To ensure that we cover all the things that you need. Keep Dr T in line 🙂

12. Goal setting. This is one of the biggest reasons that we do not get what we want in anything in life. Most people do not have a clear understanding of what they want at the completion of the program. Example – I want to be healthier. What does that really mean. If you are 1% healthier will you be happy? This is not easy but it is the part of the program that will allow you to attain what your true desire is for the program. What if you took this newly learned skill and applied it to the rest of your life? Would your life be more rewarding if you were moving in the direction of what is IMPORTANT not URGENT? Urgent things are usually based around the needs and desires of others.
Page 5

13. Habits – This is taken from James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits”. We need to break the lifestyle down into bite sized pieces so they will become a reality in our lives.

14. Modified Paleo diet. This is to start the healing of the digestive system including leaky gut. 30 days

15. A Detailed written review of each test that you do at the start of the program. We go over these in an individual ZOOM Telemed visit. We review of each lab test run during the program. This includes a 6 – 12 page detailed report of what the purpose of the test is and your specific results and what that means for your overall health. Supplement recommendations based on your specific results. A refrigerator sheet with the schedule of the supplements. A copy of report and test results so you can go over them at home and have them for your records.

1. We Spend one hour dealing with 2 of your lab test results

2. Your test results and review is uploaded to the portal for storage and use in the future.

3. Adrenal Cortical Stress Test Review – This test is dealing with your Adrenals (Cortisol & DHEA) / Energy levels / Female

Hormones. Supplementation recommendation based on your results.

4. SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) Review – This test is looking at bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines. Methane

and Hydrogen based bacteria. Supplementation and diet recommendations based on the your results.

5. GI-MAP Overall view of the function of your large intestines

    1. This is looking at the results of how your body is digesting your food (microbiome)
    2. Overall function of your digestive system. (Gall Bladder / Pancreas / Liver / etc…)
    3. Pathogens / bacterial overgrowth / ova & parasites

6. OAT (Organic Acid Test) Review. This test is looking at

1. Fat metabolism

2. Carbohydrate metabolism

3. Function of the Mitochondria (Citric Acid Cycle)

4. B-complex vitamin utilization

5. Oxidation levels

6. Neurotransmitter metabolism

1. Dopamine pathways

2. Serotonin pathways

3. Brain Inflammation

7. Detoxification

1. Phase 1

2. Phase 2

8. Bacterial markers

9. L. Acidophilus / General Bacterial markers

10. Yeast overgrowth

11. Clostridial species markers

16. Reviews of all the retesting done. We retest each of the above test every 6 months to know when to stop supplementation. Your body will tell us when it has returned to normal optimum function. Usually takes 1 – 2 years to get the organ systems back to doing what they should be doing. Your program will be over before this part is finished. All reviews of the test Page 7

done in the six month program are included in the cost of the health package. All the retests are charged at the labs cost to Dr T.

17. We are not here to keep you on supplements for the rest of your life.

We feel that lifestyle is the ultimate maintainer of your health. That

is why they are called supplements. Because they should be

supplemental to your lifestyle.

18. lifestyle issues / with multiple page handouts on each for your future reference

1. Diet

1. What to avoid

2. What to eat

3. How to make adjustments to your diet

4. How to know if what you are eating is harming you or helping you

2. Sleep

1. When to go to asleep

2. What are the most important hours that you MUST be asleep

3. When does Harvard say you should go to sleep and awake?

4. What is the difference of time asleep prior to midnight and after

5. What is the circadian rhythm

6. How does my Adrenal Cortisol test tie into the circadian rhythm

7. How does electronic affect my sleep patterns

3. Exercise

1. What is exercise. Most Americans do not really understand this

2. How hard should I exercise (there is a formula)

3. How long should I exercise

4. How many days should I exercise

5. What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic

6. What does aerobic do for the body

7. What does anaerobic do for the body

8. What are the different types of exercises and which are best for you? There are 4 different types of exercise

4. Stress Control

1. What are the different kinds of stress

2. What are the major causes of stress

3. What are the different brain waves and what do they mean

4. What brain waves do I want to get into for stress reduction

5. What are the different ways that we can control stress

6. Is method for controlling stress better than a different one?

19. Teaching of tools that can be used for the remainder of the patients life to keep tabs on the function of their body & health

1. Urine pH testing

2. Coca pulse testing

3. Goal setting

4. Zinc talley test

5. Pupillary response test (need help from a friend for this one) to see how your adrenals are functioning

6. Too many to list here

20. Evaluation and treatment of the detoxification pathways Phase 1 & 2

21. Restoring of all micro-nutrients that are found to be missing in your testing profile

22. Specific evaluation of the Dopamine & Serotonin pathways in your brain.

23. At the end of the 6 month commitment many of our patients continue with the subscription. After your initial 6 month commitment you can continue on a month-to-month basis. Stop at any time


Whew That is a lot of stuff.

Dr T

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