WEBINARS for 2021

We have an exciting schedule for your health journey in 2021. Below find the webinars for 2021. Under each topic is a link that will take you to the registration page for the webinar. I look forward to helping with your understanding of one of the most important journeys in your life, YOUR HEALTH!

Please help us grow our audience for our Webinars. Share the information with your friends and family. Let’s help America and beyond truly understand what it is to be HEALTHY!

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Here is the link to download the FREE software so you are ready for the webinars. it is easy to use.


The Best Place to check for our current Teaching schedule is here, on our website, or on our Facebook page. Just click the logo below and be taken right to the upcoming seminars that are scheduled. We are adding to this all the time so keep checking back


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May – 5/19/2021 @ !2 Noon (PST) ANTI-INFLAMMATION DIET

CLICK HERE to register for this webinar

June – 6/16/2021 @ 12 Noon (PST) THE LEAKY GUT SOLUTION

CLICK HERE to register for this webinar

July – 7/21/2021 @ 12 Noon (PST) The Role of Immunity

CLICK HERE to register for this webinar

August – 8/18/2021 @ 12 Noon (PST) Most Overlooked Causes of Autoimmune Disease

CLICK HERE to register for this webinar

Sept – 9/22/2021 @ 12 Noon (PST) MIgraine Solution

CLICK HERE to register for this webinar

Oct – 10/20/202` @ 12 Noon (PST) Manage Arthritis

CLICK HERE to register for this webinar






**NOTE Arizona does not do daylight savings time. That is why some of our webinar  times are MST and others are PST**

Remember all the talks are FREE and have lots of “take home” things you can apply TODAY to get some relief

Take 4 easy steps to gain control and peace of mind with your health

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  2. Pick the Plan that Fits You Best
  3. With Dr T, Work the Plan
  4. Experience the Your Best Health Ever

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