We have a store set up for Designs For Health.

(More Supplement Companies coming soon)

Just click the Designs For Health image below and  be taken directly to our store.

Designs For Health has auto-ship. That is a program where you set up your supplements to be shipped each month automatically. I have almost all the stuff that I use on a monthly basis set up with auto-ship (Shampoo, Shakeology, Supplements, Even Blades for my Razor). It is a HUGE convenience

If you are a patient, we will be setting up the diet and supplement programs in a program called Well World. You can also order your supplements from within Well World.

There are many ways to get your supplements.

  1. Click the logo above
  2. Order thru Well World
  3. Dr T can also order your supplements for you

Designs For Health is one of the top supplement companies out there. They are in Phoenix so we are also keeping business local.

If you want to quickly return to our webpage just click on our logo in the upper left corner of the designs for health page and it will return you to our website.


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