The Silent Bacteria and Atherosclerosis

By Tucson Functional Medicine on January 31, 2022 0 Comments

Is it possible that a species of bacteria that commonly causes colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, asthma, or pneumonia can also be a silent cause of atherosclerosis? Atherosclerosis (also known as arteriosclerotic vascular disease or ASVD) is a specific form of arteriosclerosis in which an artery wall thickens. Many people are familiar with the common term, hardening … Continue Reading


Silent Bug and Heart Disease

By Tucson Functional Medicine on January 24, 2022 0 Comments

How secure should you feel if your doctor tells you that your cholesterol levels are normal? Are you immune to heart disease because you were told you have normal cholesterol levels? If you have been a reader of my blog for any time, you should know that cholesterol is not the culprit we have all … Continue Reading


blocking the formation of tumors

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Medicinal Mushrooms One food source that has been thoroughly researched in its role in immune stimulation and cancer is Medicinal Mushrooms. This fantastic food can complement chemotherapy and radiation therapy by countering several of the side effects of these modalities, including nausea, bone marrow suppression, anemia, and lowered resistance. The following mushrooms have shown potent … Continue Reading


Lower Blood Pressure by 20 POINTS

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Want To Lower Your Blood Pressure By 20 Points? Try This Exercise Eli Ben-Yehuda–www.resperate.com Want to know about an exercise that can lower blood pressure significantly? We’re talking as much as 10-20 mmHg. No, it’s not an endurance exercise. No, it’s not strength exercise. Instead, it’s an exercise you can do anytime and anywhere. It’s … Continue Reading