A friend of mine set out to feel better and take charge of her health and wellness, She thought she knew what she was doing – but discovered she was wrong.

She needed a lot more than to be told to eat better and exercise. Can you relate?

What she need most of all was a personal transformation and an action plan. And some help. It was only when she finally admitted she couldn’t do it alone, and got to the real barriers and road blocks, that she make real progress.

Are you FRUSTRATED with your health?


Frustration B

Today with life expectancy going down. Quality of life Decreasing. With endless “experts” telling you what you should do, has caused people to throw their hands in the air and think about giving up.

60% of Americans have a chronic Disease! 40% have 2 or more.

We need a new approach to chronic disease and improving your quality of life.

Functional Medicine is that model  HEALTH CARE 2.0

Our total health program is for:

  • Someone looking for the root cause of their health issues
  • Someone who deeply values their time
  • Someone who is at the end of their rope
  • Someone who has witnessed the limitations of our healthcare system
  • Someone that is proactive with their health

Is this you?

We have a Total Health Program (6 month program) & Total Health Program Lite (3 month program)

Our Total health program includes:

  1. Lifestyle coaching
    1. Diet
    2. Exercise
    3. Sleep
    4. Stress control

  1. Dealing with the three body systems
    1. Neuroendocrine (Neurotransmitters / Energy / Female Hormones / Adrenals)
    2. GI System (Pathogens / Food / Microbiome / Leaky Gut)
    3. Detoxification System (Detoxification / Oxidation & Methylation / Inflammation / Nutrient Replacement)

  1. Review of all Lab Testing 
    1. Adrenal Cortisol Test
    2. SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) test
    3. CDSA (Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis) test
    4. OAT (Organic Acid Test) 
  2. Review of all retesting done during the 6 month program
  3. Supplementation recommendation and monitoring
  4. Detoxification treatments (12)
  5. Dealing with the 4 horsemen of the physiological apocalypse. 
    1. Inflammation
    2. Catabolic Physiology
    3. Insulin Resistance
    4. Oxidation


  1. Unlimited visits with Dr T (Total Health Program Lite has less visits with Dr T)
  2. Education of health and tools to be able to keep tabs on your health for the rest of your life without the need of office visits
  3. In office lab testing (if needed)
  4. Easy to use home testing procedures that you can use for the rest of your life to give you a quick check on your health.
  5. Healing with the detoxification system
  6. Teaching at the Natural Grocers
  7. Monthly webinars
  8. Facebook page
  9. Youtube channel
  10. Healing of the digestive system 
    1. Bacterial overgrowth
    2. Leaky gut
    3. Ova & Parasites
    4. Rebuilding the Microbiome
    5. Candida overgrowth


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