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Greetings Gang:

I get asked a lot what my philosophy of health is.  I believe there is a force that works to keep our bodies healthy and thriving (Think of clotting, scabbing, and healing). We either work with the force or against it. The daily choices that we make create our future.


Remember the motto that I try to live by each day

I am willing to do today, what others WILL NOT do


Tomorrow, I can do what others CAN NOT do

  1. Vibrant health is innate in all of us

We can nurture this or inhibit this through our daily choices

  1. Education is the new black

Understanding your body signals and learning how to translate them into better choices is more ejective than just “taking another prescription.”

  1. What you aren’t changing, you are choosing

Whether its toxic food, dysfunctional relationships, or poor self-care, you have the ability to change your life with the right tools

2       Your only diagnosis is your name

Diabetic. Hypertensive. Insomniac. These labels might be useful to steer your treatment plan. But they do not define your health potential

3       Growth is not linear—it’s an upward spiral

Progress is measured in self-reflection and attainable goals. Set backs are expected, and we can achieve our best reality with proper support

4       Silver bullets only work for werewolves

You cannot singularly build your best life by following the latest fad pyramid scheme, the current superfood trend, the perfect vitamin/prescription, the latest popular exercise routine, or the Prescription that you get from your MD

5       Invest in yourself and you will never depreciate in value

Cultivating your mental and physical health sends a ripple effect onto your family, children, coworkers, and community. You — and the rest of the world — deserves the BEST YOU

6       More threads weave a stronger tapestry

Your state of dis-ease is improved with more collaborators on board. Conventional, functional medicine, complimentary medicine, behavioral therapy, and nutrition coaching.

Dr T

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