Do Antibiotics Cause Gluten Sensitivity and Celiacs Disease?

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Found this on Dr Osborne’s Website, thought i would share it with you

Some researchers say yes.  The video above presents the studies demonstrating this connection.  The medical research in this area shows that the problem could be even worse for those with genetic susceptibility to gluten sensitivity.  Here is a simple breakdown of one of the mechanisms behind this relationship.

Antibiotics have been shown to cause a yeast overgrowth, and emerging research shows that yeast – AKA Candida, can create a protein that mimics gluten, causing an intestinal  inflammatory reaction leading to the development of celiac disease.

do antibiotics cause gluten intolerance?

Antibiotics Are Not Evil

Though I don’t think that antibiotics are the only factor involved in the development of autoimmune illnesses like celiac disease, this is definitely a connection that should be researched in greater detail.  I want to be clear that antibiotics can save your life if you have a major infection that is not resolved and mediated by your own immune system.  So this research should not scare you away from taking an antibiotic should you need one.  However; it should give you insight as to the importance of discriminating against taking an antibiotic “just in case”.  The overuse of these medications pose a serious health risk problem – Candida overgrowth being one because it may cause those with gluten issues to have a reaction similar to gluten exposure itself

This also brings into question the food quality that you eat.  Does your meat contain antibiotics?  Do the fruits and vegetables you consume contain pesticides that act as antibiotics on your gut flora?  Does doing this contribute to yeast overgrowth that could compromise your health?  All of these are important questions you should be asking if you want to maintain the integrity of your health.

Share your experience with antibiotics with us.  Did taking an antibiotic trigger and gluten related issue for you?

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