Unique Magnesium Found to Reverse Brain Aging

By Tucson Functional Medicine on September 28, 2021 0 Comments

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In a peer-reviewed human study, a magnesium compound has been shown to reverse markers of brain aging by as much as 14 years!

This finding by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers shows that the unique magnesium-L-threonate concentrates in the brain to rebuild neuronal connections and youthful brain plasticity.

Scientists have shown that magnesium plays an essential role in supporting brain plasticity.

In a rat animal model, brain plasticity is the sign of a youthful, flexible brain primed for optimal learning, memory, and cognitive function.

A medical study showed that raising brain magnesium levels has been proven to restore significant brain plasticity, improving cognitive function.

Scientists at MIT developed and tested a special compound called magnesium-L-threonate and found it boosted brain magnesium levels by approximately 15%.

These scientists found a novel way of overcoming the problem of getting magnesium loaded into the brain due to poor absorption via magnesium-L-threonate.

Compared to other forms of magnesium, they found that magnesium-L-threonate had the highest brain magnesium-loading ability that has been shown to cross the blood-brain barrier readily and coincide with improvements in cognitive function.

In conclusion, studies show that magnesium-L-threonate improves brain plasticity, leading to significant improvements in memory, learning, and emotional control.




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