Taurine: An Extraordinary Nutrient with Anti-Aging Potential

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As medical research continues to advance a new avenue in promoting longevity has emerged as particularly promising and that is Taurine supplementation.

Unfortunately, as we age, the amount of taurine in circulation declines.

A recent study conducted by Singh et al. and published in Science investigated the effect of taurine supplementation on lifespan and health span in various species, including mice, monkeys, worms, and yeast. This was conducted to determine whether age-related declines in taurine blood concentration contribute to aging.

To the excitement of the scientists, the results showed that taurine-fed mice of both sexes survived longer than the control group, with the former’s lifespan increasing by 10-12% and life expectancy at 28 months jumping by 18%-25%.

The study further revealed that taurine supplementation improved bone, muscle, pancreas, brain, gut, metabolism, and immune function in middle-aged mice. 

Furthermore, the study showed that improving Taurine concentration had numerous health conditions, including hypertension, obesity, inflammation, and type 2 diabetes.

Additional Taurine Supplementation Benefits:

Taurine has scientifically validated protective effects on the cardiovascular system. These include:

  1. Taurine decreases hypertension
  2. Taurine decreases platelet aggregation
  3. Taurine improves the impairment of intimal thickening
  4. Taurine protects against and reduces arteriosclerosis
  5. Taurine improves vascular reactivity
  6. Taurine decreases oxidative stress in the vasculature
  7. Taurine decreases inflammation in the vasculature
  8. Taurine improves myocardial functional capacity
  9. Taurine improves myocardial oxygen consumption
  10. Taurine improves the heart’s electrical activity
  11. Taurine is anti-atherogenic and anti-inflammatory, even in patients with heart failure
  12. Taurine antagonizes the central action of excess angiotensin II, thus lowering the blood pressure
  13. Taurine protects the heart lowering the risk of heart attacks and increasing incidence of strokes
  14. Taurine prevents cardiac arrhythmias
  15. Taurine reduces excess vaso-constriction
  16. Taurine decreases the incidence of strokes
  17. Taurine lowers cholesterol
  18. Taurine possesses anti-thrombotic properties
  19. Taurine prevents angina
  20. Taurine lowers triglyceride levels

A World Health Organization multi-center epidemiological survey on diets and CVD risks and mortalities in 61 populations was done. Regarding Taurine, it was found that Taurine varies significantly and inversely with coronary heart disease mortality, inversely with Body Mass Index, inversely with systolic and diastolic blood pressure, inversely with total cholesterol, and inversely with atherogenic index. 

The benefits of Taurine are far-reaching and should be added as an exceptional and valuable addition to one’s daily supplement intake.













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