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Greetings All, Dr. T here:

Did you know that your digestive system has as many neurons as the brain and the spinal cord? All the things that run the brain are also found in the digestive tract. (dopamine, epinephrine, etc …)

There is a lot of information that has come out in the last 10-20 years that is really changing our understanding of the body and ways to treat it. Dr Gershon wrote a book called the “Second Brain”. It goes into lots of detail about how the digestive tract  does not need the brain to operate. They are starting to show that they are having lots of success treating diseases of the brain and auto-immune diseases by working on the gut and healing it.

Pretty cool stuff      here is the book

Remember  before the 1500s it was believed that the sun and the planets revolved around the earth

Up until the 1700s science told us that the world was flat

In the early 1800s the doctors of the day believed that disease was caused by bad smells

Can you imagine what we will know tomorrow?

Dr T

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