Our Medical Philosophy (Symptom control)

By Tucson Functional Medicine on July 12, 2017 0 Comments

Greetings All, Dr T here

Have you ever really thought about our current medical philosophy?  You go to the doctor with problem X, today’s  doctor does not even touch you most of the time. They are to busy typing away on their laptop. Every once in a while they look over their shoulder to let you know that they are paying attention to what you are saying. Then they pull out their Prescription pad and write you a Rx.

Am I against this approach? YES and NO.

I was talking to a lady the other day and she was telling me that her blood pressure is now under control since they got her on the right Rx. I said, “no your BP is not under control.” She looked at me and said.”yes it is”. I said, “stop taking your prescription and see if it is under control”. I am not against the Rx but it is doing nothing for the underlying issue.

Do we use this philosophy for other things also? Most of the time NO!

If you have the red check engine light on in your car. You make an apt for the repair shop, take your car in. If they used the same philosophy as the medical model does, the mechanic would take some wire cutters and cut the wire that goes to the light.

“There” he says, “your issue is fixed, the light is out.”

Would you be pleased with your mechanic if he just took care of the symptom and never found out what the problem is and fixed it?

The red light on your dash is the symptom of a more serious problem. It is not the problem. When we give the patient a Rx to lower the blood pressure and never find out what is causing it to go up, are we really fixing the problem? Or are we removing one of the bodies warning systems? Our God given red warning light. A system that is telling us something much bigger is the underlying cause. If we remove the warning system we have a false sense of security that the issue is resolved. And the damage from the underlying cause is left unchecked to continue to do it’s damage.

This is where Functional Medicine is so different. We may use a pill to help you with your symptoms while we search for the real underlying issue.

If you want to really understand what you body is telling you and what the real underlying issues are, you must see a Functional Medicine doctor.

Are you tired of just treating the symptoms and never really feeling GOOD?

You can find a Functional Medicine doctor in your area by clicking this link. Find a Functional Medicine doctor in my area.

Your health is a partnership. Your doctor can not make you healthy they can only walk your road to health with you.

If you want to live like no one else tomorrow / You must live like no one else today


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