Acid Reflux and H.Pylori (Case Review)

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A 46-year male patient named John came to the office with a two-year history of chronic acid reflux. Although using over-the-counter medications provided some temporary relief, the problem persisted.


 I decided to dig a little deeper and ordered a GI-MAP Test that includes the test for H.Pylori. from a company called “Diagnostic Solutions” There is some supporting literature on the relationship between GERD and H.Pylori. See results below:


 With this information, I decided to do a 60 days of MATICA GUM and bismuth using a combination product called GastroMend from Designs for Health. 



The results were promising with total eradication of the acid reflux symptoms followed by a negative test for H.Pylori.

This short case review should prompt one to consider investigating the presence of H.Pylori in patients suffering from GERD (acid reflux).

I am not sure that what I am going to tell you goes for all doctors., but one of my patients stated that an MD told her that the insurance would not pay for an antibiotic for H pylori unless the infection had already caused an ulcer. So he scheduled her for an endoscopy to show that the bacteria had produced the ulcer. (just for your information) 

As always, check with your doctor for treatment options

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The dosages for GastroMend is 12 Pills a day for two months. 4 pills /3X / day with your meals

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